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New features to look for in AdWords interface!

The new AdWords interface is finally here, and it will be rolled out for advertisers by the end of 2017. The thinking behind the update is to make it quicker and more comfortable for the users than the available version. The new AdWords 2017 comes with a refreshed design, and it will make managing your campaigns easier. Even though the New AdWords interface doesn’t quite have feature similarity with the available AdWords version yet, it is offering some elite features to the users.

In this article, we will talk about some of the new features available with the updated AdWords interface.

Promotion extensions: You can use promotion extensions in the latest update or if you have the beta excess in the current version. This new feature allows you to show and link to specific offer in-text ads. The tag icon will enable it to stand out on the page.

Household income targeting: Household income reporting is now available in the 2017 version of AdWords for search campaigns from the Demographics tab. Earlier household income targets and reporting was only possible via location targeting.

Audience page: A new audience page introduced in new AdWords 2017 that offers you a single platform to manage audience targeting and optimizations. It also necessary to mention the new terminology used for audience targeting “Target and bid” is now called “Targeting,” and “Bid only” is called “Observations” in the new version.

N-gram view: A Words tab in the Searches box that’s shown on the campaign Overview provides an n-gram view. It is about the words included in the search terms that have triggered ads. The more dark the border around a word, the more impressions it attracts. This feature facilitates you to analyze phrase performance across a broad set of search queries.

Bid adjustments for calls: Announced in July 2017, bid modifications can be used to get call extensions to show more or less often in mobile search campaigns. It is included in the Advanced Bid Adjustment section at the campaign level.

Landing page performance: In the 2017 version of AdWords version advertisers will be able to get insights on their various landing pages at a single place. The new landing page screen resembles the ads and keywords pages. This feature aims to provide improved ad performance and better user experience, especially on mobiles.

In-market audiences: In-market audiences can now get tailored based on the advertiser’s website, campaign performance, and business goals. Look out for this feature in new AdWords 2017 version.

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